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Andrea Bridges and Romana Kryzanowska
Andrea Bridges (left) and Romana Kryzanowska (right)
Starting at the age of eight and over the next twenty-eight years, Andrea studied and performed as a classical ballet dancer, achieving the respected title of Prima Ballerina. She was accepted into the Washington Ballet Academy in Washington, DC; accepted an invitation to study the Russian ballet technique Vaganova in Moscow and Leningrad; and in Louisiana held roles as a ballet Artistic Director and Choreographer. She was cited for having distinguished ability by Lady Gwen Ashton of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet Company of Canada, among her many other accolades.
In 2006, Andrea Bridges was selected to train at the prestigious Romana's Pilates Certification Program in New York City where she received her training from master level instructors including one of Joseph Pilates' original protégés, Romana Kryzanowska. Andrea has over 18 years of experience teaching Pilates.
Her knowledge of the body and understanding of how to work in your favor to aid in your strengthening process knows no bounds. Her kindness, compassion, and understanding is what keeps her clients loyal and committed. She is dedicated to using the classical Pilates technique to improve your overall wellbeing by constantly challenging you and pushing you to your limits.